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Revolution Live | Fort Lauderdale, Florida


You are cordially invited to the ear-splitting headbanger's ball of the season! On Tuesday 30th April 2024, Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale will be the designated space for the convergence of hell-bent metal fans from all over Florida. Catch rock metal heavies Erra as they unleash their powerhouse hits live onstage, a potent nucleus of songs enough to summon armageddon. This is not for the faint of heart, but definitely for the heart that beats to the pulsating beats and rhythms of rock and heavy metal. Save the date! Book your tickets now!

Yell with all your might as the masters of metal rock, Erra sings at Revolution Live on Tuesday 30th April 2024!

Reconnecting following a prolonged break, Erra is making their reappearance with a brand-new album to be promoted in their much-awaited tour. Globally, experts and fans alike have commended it as a bombastic lineup of pioneering beats.

Yet again, Erra has evidently demonstrated they are the people’s metal paragons. This spring, pumped-up metalheads will draw a massive audience at Revolution Live, potentially making it the largest audience for an event the venue will ever experience. While audiences really do influence an aspect of their overwhelming success, they manage to be the world’s most-acclaimed metal group, given how seamlessly their music transcends through generations.

Their past gigs without a doubt made it abundantly clear, as the sea of concertgoers painted an broad and inclusive array of fans from steadfast enthusiasts who’ve idolized them since their early club days, to more recent watchers who’ve found out about Erra through their trending appearances.

Join us for a high-octane time and let Erra enthrall the spectators at the Revolution Live - a popular place for live entertainment shows in Florida! Relish the top-tier metal concert as this stage boasts cutting-edge acoustics and light equipment.

Guarantee your entry right now, and arm up for a metal frenzy that is incomparable!

Erra at Revolution Live

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