The Aquabats at Revolution Live

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Revolution Live | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Aquabats

Get ready for a show like no other. Revolution Live is bringing on an spectacular musical act coming out to their stage this summer, and you must see for yourself. This is not a false alarm, The Aquabats is making a stop at Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a high energy show to be held at the one and only Revolution Live on Friday 19th July 2024!

Immerse yourself the world of alt music as this performer shares their biggest hits and brings everyone to their feet with their new album. This spectacular performer is more than ready to bring on all their biggest hits and make the evening as memorable as ever. To buy tickets to the performance, simply just press the link on the screen, choose your tickets, and you've got 'em! Grab yours before they're out!

Get your hands on this head-spinning bonanza! It’s about to heat up Fort Lauderdale like it's never been before! You had better watch out because when The Aquabats arrives in town, it’s going to be loud and heavy! The Alternative juggernaut has taken over the industry with smashing songs - these are songs that can make anyone rock out like there’s no tomorrow! Fans in Florida will absolutely be waiting for this concert!

The Aquabats will be bringing their latest album to the table, but as well as new songs, famous earlier releases will certainly be taking center stage! Since the start of The Aquabats’s smashing career, they have created a back catalog containing some of the ultimate titles. These are tracks that garnered rave reviews from critics and the music industry. Their most recent project also earned nothing but astounding words from the music publication, Rolling Stone! Also, don’t be intimidated by The Aquabats’s collection of smashing awards because this act remains as unfiltered and pure as the day their debut record was released.

The Aquabats’s headlining road trip will be crisscrossing the States and playing at all the major entertainment venues, including Revolution Live. Now, screaming fans in Fort Lauderdale can go all out because Revolution Live can easily handle the insatiable energy! It's big size allows fans more than enough room to rock out and let loose. Meanwhile, the top of the line audio and light equipment ensures the gig is given the ultimate treatment! Finally, Revolution Live’s smashing facilities makes sure that you will have the ultimate night of your life!

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The Aquabats at Revolution Live

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